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Apostles' Forward in Faith
Capital Campaign Update

As we make our return to the church from our seclusion during the pandemic, the church council wants to communicate with you all regarding the health and growth of our congregation, ministries and facilities. Today it is the last of these items that I would like to update you on, the Forward in Faith Campaign to revitalize our facilities and campus.

The Forward in Faith campaign was phenomenally successful in receiving pledges and monies from our members for the work of Apostles Lutheran Church. Below are some bullets highlighting our efforts.

  • Forward in Faith has raised $395,000 to date through generous donations.
  • We have spent $291,000 on projects and campaign expenses.
  • We currently have $104,000 for upcoming projects.

Projects Completed

  • Roof Replacement - completed August 2019.
  • Sanctuary - shingle roof replaced
  •  Penrose Hall and Theisz Hall - install 60 mil TPO roof system.  replaced 144 sheets of plywood on the Penrose roof deck.
  • Theisz Hall - 7-ton AC unit replacement - October 2019 (The other three A/C units in Theisz Hall are fairly new and didn’t require replacement.) 
  • Lighting upgrade - January 2020. (Also upgraded in main and back offices)
  • Fire alarm replacement
  • Sanctuary
  •  Speakers, amplifier, controller, and rack for Sanctuary. 
  • Sanctuary interior painting.
  • Commercial Deep Cleaning of Sanctuary following construction and prior to re-opening.
  • Air Conditioning Replacement - completed August 2020.
  • Penrose Hall; the Church Office; and Sanctuary
  • Security Cameras for outside areas - April 2021

Projects On-Deck 2021

  • Audio Visual upgrade for online worship streaming
  • Theisz Hall ceiling tiles - to be bid.

Future Projects - to be bid.

  • Theisz Hall and Penrose Hall gutters
  • Theisz Hall classroom flooring and exterior doors
  • Penrose Hall and Theisz hall exterior paint
  • New Sign for Kingsway Road frontage
  • Preschool Parking Area

Thank you to all who have contributed and continue to fulfill your pledges to our Forward in Faith Capital Campaign.

In Christ’s service,

Steven Eichhorn

Council President

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